Step by Step with Sarah Jane was founded by Sarah who lives in Swindon.
Sarah transformed her health and fitness after reaching over 21 stone in weight and her weight had started to have a negative affect on her physical and mental health.

Sarah has extensive experience with weight loss and can help you make the lifestyle changes to become the person you want to be.
By working together on a one to one basis Sarah will work with you to set targets and work through setting them together.

A food addiction is often overlooked by GP’s and the people addicted to food often feel great shame and embarrassment about the control food has over them.
My addiction made me feel so isolated from other people and I felt people thought I was stupid for letting myself get so heavy. Food addiction is not openly talked about, but I am keen to talk about it and help others and be empathetic to those who are struggling and empower them to take back control and make healthier food and lifestyle choices.
Food is merely fuel for our bodies and we have lost that in a society of processed, highly addictive foods. So, if you are struggling, please don't despair as this is where I can help you.

I have worked with a number of clients supporting their eating habits and helping them gain confidence in exercise and making a positive lifestyle change. This is not a diet plan; This is a lifestyle change and working with me will bring you positive results and a mentor for life supporting you with your continuous journey.